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Rotary Club of Malegaon

History of Rotary Club of Malegaon


R C Malegaon (Dist. then No. 303, Now 3030)
Established in 1950. Now completing nearly 69 years. In the beginning the club was working in private residence and then knowledgeable people were working together but not getting involved in much social cause. In year 1974 the club shifted to a public library and then its own hall. The number of members also increased. Many years members were added & club started doing many social activities. Some of the social work activities to be noted are:

(1) Diabetes Camp with counseling of patients and exhibition
(2) 16 milk distribution centers each for 100 youngsters of age 4 to 6 years, daily for one year.
(3) Road construction in a village in famine.
(4) Medical check up of ear with Teflon piston graft in operations and also hearing aide distribution.
(5) Squint corrective surgeries by world renowned surgeons.
(6) Cancer detection camps.
(7) Corrective surgery camp for physically disabled. Now it has become a permanent project.
(8) Rotary Public Garden has become a precious project for the city.
(9) Polio Eradication programmes relentlessly from 1995, Difficult and thus important especially  in city like Malegaon.
(10) As Rotary Eye Hospital, the most significant project of our club started in 1977 and is growing fast.