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M.P. Tapadia Rotary Eye Bank


Phone No.  – 02554-252136, 252135
Manager – 9822652994
Only in Emergency – 9823010095

“मी अशी प्रतिज्ञा करीत आहे की, मी जिवंत असे पर्यंत किमान १० व्यक्तींचे नेत्रदान करवुन घेईन व नेत्रदान चळवळीत हिरीरीने भाग घेईल.”

Important for Blind People

Those persons, who can’t see, kindly check their eyes. Only if cornea (e.g. glass of clock) is defective and all other parts of eye are in working condition only those person will be benefited after surgery. These people should register at Rotary Eye Hospital. They will be checked and names will be added to waiting list of ‘Cornea Receivers.’ They will be called for operation (Keratoplasty) when cornea is available and their turn comes in the list. Registration of receiver is must.

Eye Donation a need of Society

All are aware of large number of blind people in our City, State, Nation & World. These people can’t see and can’t enjoy the wonderful beauty of their world. Their life is in dark.

Imagine a blind person suddenly starts to see this world! Imagine his happiness!!
Now imagine your response, your feelings while looking at that person!!!

Yes, my friends, it is not just a imagination it can become a reality, for many brothers, sisters & friends of ours. Very easy. Donate eyes after death. At least two person will see their world.

What is Eye Donation?

After death of donor, when called for eye donation, a team of experts will attend the dead person and will do the procedure of eye/cornea removal.
Eye donation is an act of donating one’s eyes after his/her death. It is an act of charity, purely for the benefit of the society and is totally voluntary.

How can one donate eyes?

The eyes should be kept wet by placing  pieces of cotton wool soaked in water on both the eyes so that the cornea does not become dry till the eye-surgeon arrives. After the removal of the eyes the eyelids will be stitched together and there will be no visible sign of the eyes having been removed. The entire process is completed within 10-15 mins. If one pledged to donate his eyes after death, it is the duty of his relatives to inform to the nearest eye bank after donor’s death. Eyes / Corneas should be removed up to 4-6 hours after death to set living eyes/corneal tissue.

Will I be Charged for Eye Donation?

No. Eye donation is totally a FREE procedure. Eye Bank will take care of expenses.