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History of Rotary Eye Hospital

Long back in 1975, there was a severe need of eye care services in Malegaon City and surrounding small villages. There was not a single ophthalmologist in the area. The Rotarians of R.C. Malegaon thought of conducting eye camps and subsequently arranged surgical eye camps every Sunday regularly for one year. Looking at the tremendous response the club started a regular Charity Hospital in a government place under the leadership of Rtn. President Khankari Vijay and the team in 1977.

As the number of patients increased, the hospital was shifted to owned premises of one storey building with kind help of Royal Commonwealth Society for the Blind (RCSB). Then the President of RCSB Mr. John Pears from England, specially visited our hospital was impressed with the work carried & gave consent to continue the same. Thus the Rotary Charity Trust was registered with government in 1980 and started providing all facilities, under the trust.

The numbers of patients were still increasing with drain from surrounding villages and tribal areas. Then in 2007 the one storey building was extended to 3 storied beautiful building with help of SightSavers International (former RCSB) which have much faith in Rotary Eye Hospital. This resulted in expanding our services from only cataract to all types of eye care facilities.

Now new adjacent plot of 5000 sq ft is purchased for extension of hospital where 20,000 sq ft building is to be constructed.

Highlights of our Trust:

1) The hospital from where no poor patient goes back for the lack of money.
2) Serving poor and needy.
3) All types of recent instruments are available to serve patients.
4) All types of eye surgeries are performed.