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Donate Eyes


Propagate Eye Donation.

You can spread the message of eye donation amongst the public.

If you are a student talk about eye donation:

  • Among your friends and neighbours
  • In your college / school celebrations
  • Make it as an activity in the NCC / NSS programs

If you are a social entrepreneur, talk about eye donation:

  • In the village / town celebrations
  • Among the Self Help Groups
  • Among Hospital / Industrial Personnel
  • Print stickers with eye donation messages
  • Advertise eye donation messages in local TV channels
  • Put up eye donation messages in Vinyl boards
  • Celebrate eye donation rally in your villages and towns
  • Whenever a death occurs in your society get the consent of the family of the deceased and inform the nearest eye bank

Remember, when you pledge to donate your eyes or motivate another person for the same, you are helping bring light to the lives of two visually challenged people thereby providing them a better life.

  • If you want to see the world after your death! Pledge your eyes. Indicate your wishes by signing the pledge card.Become a donor now!
  • Take your donor Card wherever you travel.
  • Share your decision with your family and friends.

Make a Charitable Contribution

Majority of the blindness affects young victims mostly women and children. The diseased cornea must be replaced by clear donor cornea. But the cost associated with procurement, maintain standards in processing the tissue and transplantation could be met by your generous donation.

Your contribution will enhance us to provide our services at free of cost to those who cannot afford the healthcare costs associated with corneal transplantation. It costs approximately Rs.5000 – 10,000 to perform a corneal transplant surgery and Rs.2000 to process each donated eye and bring light to a life. Every month Rs.17, 000 (US $. 378) is spent for running the eye bank, training doctors, technicians, counsellors, members of Lions Clubs and other NGOs and for promotional activities apart from institutional support

Download contribution form

Any financial contribution towards RAIEB will be used to:

  • Bring light to the sightless poor and underprivileged
  • Promote awareness about eye donation
  • Train eye bank technicians and corneal surgeons across developing countries.


Please send your contributions to the address given below:

B.S. Bhandari Rotary Eye Hospital,
Near Market Yard, Behind Wear House, Camp Road, Malegaon, Maharashtra – 423203
Email: eyebank@rotaryeyehospitalmalegaon.org

Donations made in favor of RAIEB will get income tax exemption under the Section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961.