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Rotary Eye Hospital Malegaon

About Hospital Established in 1980. Land – 10000 Sq. feet plot, at very prime location on camp road Malegaon. Three storied RCC building of 15000 sq.ft on land of 5000 sq.ft. One large Out Patient Department equipped with all latest & advance machinery. Two Operation Theatre with fully automatic & high-tech equipments. All types of

Rotary Eye Bank

Contact: Phone No.  – 02554-252136, 252135, Manager – 9822652994 Only in Emergency – 9823010095 “मी अशी प्रतिज्ञा करीत आहे की, मी जिवंत असे पर्यंत किमान १० व्यक्तींचे नेत्रदान करवुन घेईन व नेत्रदान चळवळीत हिरीरीने भाग घेईल.” Important for Blind People Those persons, who can’t see, kindly check their eyes. Only if cornea (e.g. glass of clock)  is defective and

Institute of Opthalmology

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Rotary Club of Malegaon

History of Rotary Club of Malegaon R C Malegaon (Dist. then No. 303, Now 3030) Established in 1950. Now completing nearly 68 years. In the beginning the club was working in private residence and then knowledgeable people were working together but not getting involved in much social cause. In year 1974 the club shifted to

Partners in Services

Rotary Club of Malegaon (Main) Inner wheel Club of Malegaon Sightsaver International Lions Club of Manmad Rotary Club of Manmad

Community Outreach